Coffee delivered by Tractor (Ventures)

It's not actually delivered by tractor, but we're glad you're here.

From our startup to yours

Use “TRACTOR10” for 10% off all coffee

That's Jack by the way, he's our head roaster.

Man pouring coffee into cup

We're a brand spankin' new coffee roaster from Far More, a direct trade coffee platform part of the Tractor Ventures portfolio, just like you. Our vision is to bring farmers of high quality agricultural products (starting with coffee) closer to the end consumer (that's you, my friend).

Our coffee is what clarifies our best ideas, whether it's in the morning, in a meeting or during a 5 minute breather. As members of the Tractor team too, we hope to keep your ideas going with coffee you can be proud of.

From our experience as a startup, we know that the secret lies in our routine – so we want to fuel yours.