To make ethical and quality coffee the obvious choice, we coined Cool Hand Coffee. 

To us, craft coffee is about experiencing all the moving parts and exciting moments. From coffee origin to your cup at home, the coffee community is wealthy in people and stories, so we aspire to enhance everyday coffee with this journey.

We're a small team of creatives with a global heritage, and we're growing CHC as a passionate side hustle. Our focus is on encouraging unique culture and purposeful coffee consumption. Cool Hand Coffee is our take home alternative to common coffee. It's our craft.

We source ethically from farmers that we know personally, we've met them all in the flesh multiple times, and in bringing these relationships to your home, we hope you taste and feel the goodness in every cup.

We reckon that when we know more, it's pretty damn easy to put our money to good use. With a transparent, no naff lifecycle, strap in for a coffee that is good and does good too.



Jack pushing coffee sacks on trolley